Rules for the Student Speech Contest of the LVI National Conference of the Spanish Ceramics and Glass Society (Barcelona 2018)

The Student Speech Contest will take place during the LIV National Conference of the SECV, which will decide the Spanish representative in the Student Speech Contest of the XIV European Ceramic Society Conference (ECERS 2019) which will take place in Turin (Italy) in June 2019.
Those eligible to participate include members of the Spanish Ceramics and Glass Society, doctorate and masters students and young researchers who have defended their thesis after the 1st September, 2018.
Candidates must give a 15 minute oral presentation in English followed by responding to the questions of the jury.
The jury will evaluate the command of the subject demonstrated by the student, their maturity, communication skills and the quality of the presented audiovisual material. Other aspects related to the suitability of the subject matter and the student to represent Spain in the European Ceramic Society competition will also be evaluated.
To register for the competition participants should be registered via web in the LVI Conference of the SECV (http://chlcv2018.secv.es/en/registration) and after that send an e-mail to secv@secv.es  with the following information:

  • First Name and Surname
  • Institution and Address Email
  • Date of birth
  • Date of Completion (expected) of Masters or Doctorate
  • Reference of submitted abstract and/or abstract title

Rules Student Speech Contest LVI Conference of SECV PDF